Lucia & Eric


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The ladies

Lucia and her princesses have been together since forever, click on them to learn more!


The Gentlemen

Eric caught his groomsmen in the tall grass during a random encounter, click on them to learn more.

Tyler Tsang

Kai-Ho Fok

Scott Jeong

Andy Wu

Amy Dai (Co-Maid/Matron?? of Honor)

Lucia and Amy met during the first week of college, the same way Lucia met a Karaoke Bar. Their friendship didn't really blossom until their junior year when Amy got wildly drunk on the roof of the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun. Since then, they moved together to NYC after graduation, enjoyed being roommates in the Big Apple, hung out late nights at Kunjip, and supported each other through thick and thin. Of Lucia's friends, Amy is the most elegant, responsible, accomplished, and blondest of them all! 

Vivian Lee (Co-Maid of Honor)

薇薇(Wei Wei)/Vixie/Viv is what Lucia affectionately calls her partner in silliness. On most weekends while Vivian still lived in NY, you can find the pair at an ice cream parlor or cake shop giggling away about absolutely nothing. They were initially coworkers however, as they got to know each other, their friend groups collided and together they traveled to Puerto Rico, started a small company, joined TAP, sang in two a capella groups, and went to a lot of Karaoke Meetups. A LOT. It's thanks to Viv, who dragged Lucia out to Pulse Karaoke that fateful night where this story all began.   

Sophie Wang

AKA Tofie is one of Lucia's oldest friends from Shanghai High School. Sophie sat next to Lucia in homeroom and subsequently started interrogating Lucia about her grades. That's when they knew they were two nerds in a pod and got along swimingly. During high school, they took SAT classes together, rode the bus together, and worked in student government together. Even after high school the pair constantly bumped into each other in the Citi building in Shanghai, on flights back from Shanghai, in NYC, Boston, Philly, and Sydney. Even though they're now living in opposite sides of the world, they still have hopes of launching a perfume line together. 

Diamond Ling

Marilyn Moroe said it best that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" and Diamond proved Marylin right by being Lucia's best friend since high school. Lucia always found Diamond caring, dependable, and fun to be around even though Lucia didn't share the same love of cats and medicine that Diamond did. Diamond's love of medicine is now getting her an MD in Pediatrics, while Lucia's indifference towards cats is causing tensions between her and Eric.

Yiping Li

When Ping Ping met Lucia for the first time, she told Lucia her entire dating history over brunch at Hill Dining Hall. Since that fateful brunch, they studied and played together (mostly played) all throughout college going on shopping sprees, eating too many buffalo wings, and staying up late talking about boys (Vincent and Eric of course). Lucia still can't believe that the Yiping she met in college, who used to complain about BioChem, is now operating on people as a General Surgeon. 

Tyler Tsang (Best Man)

Also known as bubs, bubby, or bubbasaur, Tyler was chosen as tribute to go to Eric's room and ask for answers to their programming problem set. From that spawned a 10+ year friendship where they bonded through tennis, cars, and Tyler's favorite superhero, Captain Drury. Their friendship has taken them all around the world, from snowboarding in Vancouver, to ordering too much champagne in Vegas, to drinking far too much lemonade in Disneyworld, and to partying out over the Hong Kong skyline.  Remember that time in Hong Kong bubs?  That sucked.  

Kai-Ho Fok

Kai and Eric met in first year of undergrad in the elevator of their dorm. Inebriated as he was, Eric was concerned for Kai, as he stumbled out of the elevator and onto the floor, reveling in his recent exploits at Blockbuster. Given his poor attempt at articulating the story, and his generally stumbling in the opposite direction of where he was trying to go, Eric wondered if Kai would need medical attention at the end of the night. Amusingly enough, Kai is now an actual doctor.  BFF ever since.

Scott Jeong

Scott and Eric. The defining moment of their friendship was when Scott visited Eric in New York on Halloween.  It started with the two of them eating way too much Korean Fried Chicken, and tanking a beer tower together that was designed for four people. They then made their way into the depths of Brooklyn, walking through a clearly unsafe part of town, and through a seedy, run-down gym to get into a secret underground dance party. They returned to K-Town at 4 in the morning to find the warm comfort of a budae jjigae. Scott asked Eric if he wanted Soju. Scott ordered two.

Andy Wu

Andy is kind of a weird guy.  Tallest of the wedding party, immune to the cold, and owner of an insatiable appetite for baked goods, Andy is the sole reason in the world Eric is not tall.  In junior year, Andy set up a height measuring chart in the living room and falsely marked everyone tall except Eric. Ever since, Eric has had to focus on strategic spots to stand during photos, and only purchases shoes with soles with a minimum thickness. Andy's also pointed out things in each of the wedding party that has caused everyone else to make fun of them. Wait why is he here again?