"The Perfect Gift" Box

"The Perfect Gift" Box


Not only did we curate the chocolates in this box to say "I thought of you" we carefully selected truffles with the brightest, most colorful chocolates that had the most unique flavors and shapes. It's a box to impress!

Flavors Include: 

Celebration Truffle
Created for a friend's birthday, the Celebration Truffle contains a dark chocolate center infused with California champagne and a splash of Jameson Whiskey. It is then encased with real strawberry and popping candy. It's a party in your mouth!

Thai Tea Truffle
Molded into a small white gift box, the Thai Tea truffle contains a soft center infused with imported Thai Tea.

Sweet Dreams Truffle
Inspired by New Zealand, the "Land of Milk and Honey", this truffle contains a milk chocolate center infused with lavender and honey. The shell is colored naturally with blueberries which leaves a tangy aftertaste to remind you to keep dreaming. 

Mòlì Truffle
Green tea shell with Jasmine dark chocolate center bring back memories of spring days in a tea shop

Truffleist Truffle
Real black winter truffles are infused right into the soft creamy center of this milk chocolate truffle. We add sea salt to add depth of flavor. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Fair Trade dark, milk, and white chocolate, cream, butter, teas, berries, and black winter truffle.




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