Signature Tea Collection

Signature Tea Collection


Six teas from around the world collected into one box of elegant dark, milk and white chocolates. This is Lululosophy's first collection inspired by Lulu's trip to Tokyo and Taipei. Flavors include: 

Spiced Chai from India
Beautiful black tea seasoned with warm ginger, spicy peppercorn, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves make up the spiced dark chocolate ganache at this chocolate's center. It is encased in 68% dark chocolate.

Hong Kong Milk Tea
Escape into the taste of leisure with this creamy milk chocolate truffle infused with black tea and encased in 38% artisan milk chocolate

Thai Tea Truffle
Strong Thai Iced Tea flavor using natural tea leaves and fresh cream create the creamy white chocolate center of this chocolate. It is encased in 31% white chocolate

Matcha Saké Truffle
Matcha, a powdered green tea, and Saké, a Japanese rice wine, white chocolate center encased in 68% dark chocolate

Earl Grey Truffle
Earl Grey tea and heavy bergamot flavor give this truffle a beautifully floral and fruity finish followed by the clear taste of 68% dark chocolate

Mòlì Truffle
Green tea shell with Jasmine dark chocolate center bring back memories of spring days in a tea shop

Ingredients: Fair Trade certified dark, milk, and white chocolate, cream, butter, teas, spices and saké.

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