(Ai) Heart You Collection - Preorder for Valentine's (Ships on Feb 10th)

(Ai) Heart You Collection - Preorder for Valentine's (Ships on Feb 10th)


(Ai) which means Love in both Japanese and Chinese is the message we want to help you deliver with this stunning 9 piece box filled with hearts. Tell that special someone (Ai) Heart You with a chocolate experience they won't forget. Flavors include: 

  • NEW Citrus Sunshine: Mood enhancing lemon and saffron infused white chocolate ganache encased in white chocolate to help your loved one shine a little more
  • La Vie en Rosé: Named after the beloved love song, this chocolate contains a dark chocolate ganache infused with rosé and lychee, then encased in a tart raspberry shell. It's the perfect song to fill the heart. 
  • Sweet Dreams: Inspired by New Zealand, the land of milk and honey, this truffle has a milk chocolate ganache infused with honey and lavender and molded with a blueberry shell. Sweet dreams to your sweetheart.
  • Celebration: Celebrate your honey with strawberries and champagne! Our fan favorite truffle has a dark chocolate ganache center infused with champagne and whiskey, then incased in a strawberries and pop-rock shell. 

Ingredients: Fair Trade white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cream, butter, berries, lemon, honey, lavender, saffron, pop-rocks, champagne, rosé, and whiskey.

Warning: Refrigerate and consume within 2 weeks as contents are fresh

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