The Land of Milk and Honey

When I think of the holidays, I think of travel. Just last year around this time, I remember myself in the midst of a two month adventure across Asia. The trip inspired me and gave me courage to start Lululosophy. Now, our Sales and Brand Ambassador is on a similar journey to New Zealand. I asked if he was willing to share his route and his thoughts. Here is Dave’s letter…

Hello, Dave here. A few months ago I joined the Lululosophy team. What pulled me to the position (besides, of course, the chocolates) was Lulu's story. Her perspective on life—embracing the present, chasing your dreams, sharing experiences with friends—definitely resonated. As did, in a prophetic twist, the picture of her jumping beside Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, New Zealand. That scene happened to click with another motivation behind my application: a New Zealand honeymoon fund. 
I was lucky enough to get the job, and have since helped Lulu bring her chocolates to Smorgasburg in Dumbo and the Brooklyn Flea Holiday Market in Crown Heights. It's been fun and rewarding to see people fall in love with these unique flavors. And to my surprise, Lulu recently created a new one inspired by our shared connection to New Zealand.
My wife and I plan to campervan around the South Island through the New Year. Thanks to Lulu for helping make this happen. It's an honor to have played a role in one of her recipes. 

We wish Dave and his wife happy travels! If you’re curious, below is a map of their travel plan in the campervan. You can follow his journey on Instagram @stadiumsshrines.

NEW Sweet Dreams Truffle

As a tribute to 'the land of milk and honey’ which inspired this company, we’re excited to announce our NEW Sweet Dreams Truffle! This truffle features a milk chocolate center infused with lavender and honey, encased in a blueberry and white chocolate shell. Yum. Hope you enjoy! 

Sweet Dreams Truffle