The Story Behind the Truffleist Truffle

Recently at Smorgasburg, we found ourselves sitting next to The Truffleist, Jimmy Kunz. His decadent truffle butter features Beurremont butter, a sweet, uncultured butter high in butterfat, and is thickly studded with black winter truffles, a beautiful mushroom that must be foraged by specially trained pigs.  As soon we tasted this amazing butter, we knew we had to collaborate on a truffled chocolate.

We underwent difficult and arduous experimentation, which involved eating a lot of truffle butter and a lot of chocolate. After which, we decided that the richness of the truffle paired best with our sweet, creamy artisan milk chocolate. We then salted the bottom for depth of flavor and voila, the Truffleist Truffle was born!

The Truffleist Truffle debuted at Smorgasburg this past weekend, where it promptly sold out.

To try a Truffleist Truffle, stop by and see us at Smorgasburg this Sunday at Brooklyn Bridge Pier 5, or this Friday, October 18, from 3-7pm at our Pop - Up in  La Boitê Spice Shop!