About Us

Our founder Lulu started Lululosophy Artisan Chocolates out of her passion for food, culture, travel, and art. Upon leaving her corporate job at a financial firm, Lulu traveled across Asia to connect with her roots and experience new adventures. While in Asia, Lulu enjoyed beautifully crafted desserts elegantly packaged with flavors from her childhood and wanted to share them with her friends back in the States.

Upon returning to New York City, Lulu looked all over for high quality, luxury chocolate shops that focused on Asian flavors, and found none. Armed with a desire to showcase flavors from her extensive travels and many arduous nights experimenting in her Manhattan kitchen, Lulu created her first collection of tea-infused chocolates and Lululosophy was born.

Company Mission

Lululosophy aims to bridge the Eastern and Western cultures through chocolate. Our chocolates are inspired by our founder’s travels and Chinese heritage.

About Lulu

Having lived and studied prior in Shanghai, Lucia Liu aka Lulu received her bachelor’s in communications and consumer psychology at Penn before working in corporate marketing for several years. She founded Lululosophy out of her desire to bring Asian flavors into the chocolate world.


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