Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Order Chocolates Online?

Yes! We recommend ordering our chocolates online for the freshest experience. All chocolates are made to order and usually take 5 business days to ship. 

Does Lululosophy Have a Physical Location? 

We Currently only sell our chocolates online or wholesale to stores and hotels. Please see our list of locations to purchase chocolates or simply order online! 

Where Does Lululosophy Get Its Chocolate? 

We use chocolate from around the world such as South America, Madagascar, Bali, and Thailand. All of the chocolates used by Lululosophy is fair trade and we are slowly migrating to a soy free blend!

Is Lululosophy Chocolate Gluten Free?

Yes! Lululosophy is naturally gluten free.

Is Lululosophy Chocolate Vegan?

Lululosophy dark chocolate coffee brittle bars are vegan and nut free (may contain trace amounts of nuts). 

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